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Fluff & Such Puppet Productions

If you have seen a Fluff & Such video on the Funday Pawpet Show, at Anthrocon, or the Potpourri of Puppets in Orlando, then I hope you enjoyed it and have come looking for more information about the videos. If you have never seen these videos before, thanks for stopping by in your surfing, and I hope you enjoy them!

All the videos can be seen on the WHAT page accessable through the tab on the left.

Take a look around, and be sure to email me! :)

All movie files are in Quicktime format. If you get an error when trying to view one of our videos, or if you know you haven't updated your Quicktime in the last few years or so, then go to Apple's site and download the updater (you aren't required to fill in the form) which is free and both fast and simple to install. For best results, right-click the video links and download them to your local drive. Then you can view them at your leisure.

(Some older episodes of the Funday Pawpet Show can be found here.)